Dr. Jeevan Sellappah
Strategies, Structures & Solutions


Value Add

  1. Career: 30-years in international, multi-disciplinary, technical, strategy, management & consultancy positions in MNCs and SMEs worldwide.

  2. Strategies & Plans: Create, evaluate and execute in line with financial, sales and growth objectives.

  3. Project Management: Hands-on, execution-oriented approach in line with objectives and budgets and with minimum oversight.

  4. Change Management: Use critical and lateral thinking to structure clear and compelling arguments to integrate systems and improve productivity.

  5. Team Management: Build, manage and motivate international, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-disciplinary teams.

  6. Problem Management: Provide quick, practical, logical solutions to complex problems, especially in a matrix-type corporate environment.

  7. Time Management: Meet tight, multiple-project deadlines and adapt quickly to changing priorities and goals, especially in unstructured, fast-paced environments.

  8. Interpersonal Skills: Engage, influence and negotiate with internal and external clients at all levels.

  9. Communication Skills: Integrate written, verbal, presentation and language skills into all deliverables.

  10. Work Ethic: A structured, self-motivated, driven, flexible and high-energy individual. Takes initiative and personal responsibility to get things done - on time and on budget.

Recent Projects

  1. Structuring: Business plans for an IT service, a PR consultancy, and HR consultancy start-up

  2. Restructuring: High-tech and an IT service company's business after redefining their products, services and markets.

  3. Sourcing: Private and venture-capital investments for a high-tech start-up, early-stage biotech, and late-stage engineering-service company.

  4. Placement: Hedge fund investment products with fund-of-funds, high-net-worth individuals and family offices.

References available on request, subject to client-confidentiality agreements.